About Us

PICMA is one of the most advanced and innovative project, that using specific printing technology, dynamic design techniques, and the latest technologic machinery since 2016 in Romania.


In our company, we have a designer team to create the latest trend images and your requests from us. Also, we work with freelancer designers around the world to fill up your requirements and desires. 

In our 915 m2 facility, we produce products that are made of many different materials, such as Canvas, Glass, Poster, Wallpaper, Plexiglass, and Aluminum Composite that can be used in both industrial, commercial and personal spaces.

Whether you want to turn your office, kitchen, bathroom, or any space into a stunning 3D space, or maybe you just want to give a luminescent gift to a friend, the possibilities are endless when it comes to PICMA!


We love art and want to share it with you, to do everything we can and beyond to make sure that you find your piece. We want you to find something that will make you feel happy, make you think, inspire you…or will just make your room look so much cooler.

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