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PRIVACY NOTICE is a property of Fiesta Catering Service S.R.L. “Picma” (“Website”). Ordering products from the Website by credit and debit card is subject to the following security protocols:

If you make purchase on the Website, your personal information, card number and passwords will not be saved or stored.

Your purchases on the Website are guaranteed with SSL certificate. The task of the SSL certificate is to secure the information flow between the user's computer and the main server where the Website is located. In this way, the information between the visitor and server is packed in encrypted form and can only be decoded by the user’s browser or the server. In this manner; important information, credit card information, membership information and such information which will be sent to the server by the user, cannot be read or received from the network systems it goes through, until it reaches to the server.

In exceptional circumstances, Fiesta Catering Service S.R.L. may request a verbal confirmation for purchases from the bank. In this case, your bank will call you by using your information in the bank's system and ask for approval for your purchase. Please make sure that your personal information stored in your bank’s system is up to date so that your bank can reach to you.

For security reasons, please make sure that your registered phone number is correct. Your phone number and e-mail address registered in the system, will be used for all instructions and other issues related to you purchase. 


Dear costumers and members, as Fiesta Catering Service S.R.L. (“Picma”), our notice about our practices while processing your personal data, the purposes of collecting your personal data, how your personal data is used, how you can change your personal data, your rights under the Romanian Personal Data Protection Law and situations you may want to communicate with us is below: 


Your personal data may be obtained verbally, written or electronically from you through our corporate website, our business partners, or from our customer, you, by online transactions and call centre; or from various other public institutions, or from our direct or indirect subsidiaries or from our controlling shareholder, or from natural persons or corporate entities that we provide or receive from services.


Cookies are text files that contains small information pieces uploaded by your internet browser and restored in your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you visiting the Website. In order to provide better service to our visitors and to give our visitors and members benefit of our promotions and advantages, and within the framework of our legal obligation; we will collect, process, share with third parties and restore safely your web navigation information and with the condition of not using for any purpose other than the purpose and scope stated in the Privacy Notice and Explicit Consent.

Website uses session cookies that end when you close your browser, and persistent cookies that remain on your hard drive for a long time. You may delete all cookies or website data or reject all cookies in the setting section of your internet browser. If you decline cookies, you may continue to use the website, but may not be able to access all functions of the website or may have limited access.

In order to show Fiesta Catering Service S.R.L.’s ads in the banner areas of the publisher’s websites, including Google Inc.; third party providers need to gather information about the ads, optimize the ads, and publish the ads based on past visits of our visitors to the Website. Therefore the Website and including Google Inc., third party providers; use first-party cookies and third party-cookies together.


Fiesta Catering Service S.R.L. has the rights to make changes in this Privacy Notice and Explicit Consent. These changes will be effective immediately when new Privacy Notice uploaded to Website and necessary information will be shared with you immediately by us furthermore..

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